The March for Science

The March for Science is this Saturday. I wanted to go to Seattle, but I'm exhausted. I've actually stayed on top of my homework and tests, and I managed to go for a few long walks this week. I'm not sure I've got the drive in me to go to Seattle, even if I could manage it with my homework which is surprisingly due on Monday.

When the news of the march first came out, I was so excited. I thought it was a great outlet for my passion for science and a place to show my concern for our future.  I really care about scientists taking an active position in today's political climate. There are certain political topics which are clearly denying mountains of scientific evidence. As a person with a disease which does not have a lot of research, I have personal reasons for wanting funding for research. As a scientist, I know we need to fund science to advance humanity. If research halts due to a lack of public funding, we will lose our medical advances, our technological advances, our security and safety, and our space exploration. Without a force advancing our society, our country will lose sight of the future and our decisions for national health and security will become more and more short sighted. Science is so important for the health, security, and future of our country.

As a young person, I want to feel like I have energy, and I want to spend it on the causes I support. As a person with fibromyalgia, most of my energy is spent just trying to get through my college degree day by day. Getting my physics degree, and actually physically being a woman in science, is the way that I am going to support STEM and the causes that I care about. This act is where my youthful energy goes everyday, and it is what gets me through my battles with fibromyalgia. Missing the energy of the march in Seattle is one of those things I have to accept about my life.

Luckily, there is a March for Science right here in Bellingham that I can go to, even if I have to drag my ass the five blocks it is to the starting point. I really wish I could have done more to support the local march, but I'm just too tired by the end of the day to go to a fundraiser or poster party. However,  I am determined to rally myself to make the Bellingham March. I will rest to take care of the pain, I will prepare for the weather, and I will overcome my social anxiety about this event to prove to myself that I can help make a difference. For my future, for the future of our earth, for the possibility of a decent world to live in, and for the people who can't get themselves down there, I'm going to march with my community to show that we need to protect the interests of science in our scary new world of politics.


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