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Suicide Prevention

So, suicide has been on everyone's mind lately. And a lot of people think that sharing the Hotline numbers isn't the kind of thing that people should be doing. And they think that we should all just check up on our friends and neighbors, and that this will prevent suicide and other horrible things.

Well, it won't. It really really won't.

You suck at helping others with mental illness. So do I. So do most people. You are not the person to talk to in a crisis.

There are emergency services for a reason. They are better prepared to take the time that it requires to listen to the person. They have training and experience and understanding that most of the world has no idea about. Most people wouldn't even tell their friends exactly how they are feeling, for fear of freaking them out.

The suicide hotline gets shared for awareness of its existence, a reminder that help is just a google away. It gets shared because suicide attempts go up when a celebrity suicide o…

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