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New Quarter

If anyone noticed, I was not active on this site last quarter.

I had hoped to be posting once in a while, but as the quarter went on, I had fewer and fewer spoons to even think about personal projects. I had Quantum Mechanics to stay focused on, and I had flares and other medical problems to distract me from that. While I made it through Fall quarter, I know it's going to continue to take all of my attention and focus to get through Winter.

As the New Year occurred, I started thinking about resolutions, as everyone inevitably does. And while usually, I set intentions for the year, this year I truly have a resolution.

I'm going to finish my degree.

I've been terrified to say those words, and declare it to the world. After constantly being set back for the past four years, I know that there are circumstances outside of my control. A lot of them. And the idea of graduating makes me extremely nervous at this point, not for what comes afterwards but for what comes before.

I ha…

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