Rising to the Challenge Coming Soon! Friday Release Highlights

The first two episodes of Rising to the Challenge are recorded and in the works! I am really excited to share the very different journeys of my two guests. The first episode will be discussing the challenges of developing anxiety as a STEM major, and the second episode will be about returning to school after a long break from education and a weak STEM background. Below are a few highlights from the interviews, as well as a quote from the first episode. I hope you guys listen in when the episodes are posted on the blog this Friday!

Episode 1: Chronic Anxiety

  • My guest's binary star system research project
  • How my guest learned they had anxiety
  • How to cope with anxiety while in school
Episode 2: Returning to School for STEM
  • My guest's binary star system research and photovoltaics research projects
  • Reasons for taking a break from school
  • How to be successful in a new peer group
These episodes are full of great information about facing these challenges, and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy creating them! Comment below for your questions and any topic suggestions you have!


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