New Podcast Coming In

Long time, no post. No apology for not posting, but I have a lot of activities related to STEM to share with you in the near future. Right now, I'd like to announce a new project I am starting for this blog. Luckily, it's also an update about my science communication class as well as about my ongoing internship with a local podcast.

I've been working at a podcast for over four months now, and I am just now getting to learn about the recording and creating of a show. I've picked up a few aspects of creating a show, like how the host of the show has improved her interview skills over time and how the structure of the episode lends itself to a flow of thought. I've also compared this podcast to others, like Radiolab, where the structure is much more engineered than the interviews of where I work.

My job currently entails a lot of science communication skills, where I am reaching out to scientists and scheduling the interview recording sessions between the hosts, the audio engineer, and the invited guest. This requires my ability to communicate politely and effectively to the guests. I do a few other tasks as required, but emailing these people is mainly what I spend my time doing. For not physically creating anything, I enjoy these tasks quite a bit and look forward to the rest of my time in this position.

But as a person who also enjoys creating things, it has been so cool to learn about creating podcasts in this Science Communication class I've been taking. Knowing the people who have put their voices and knowledge on the internet in a beautifully engineered way is so surreal to me, and I want to explore this enterprising and clever part of a project I have already fallen for. Having my own blog has been exhilarating in a similar way, where I am putting my ideas and thoughts and tears out to the world for people to examine. There's something more personal and real about hearing myself in a podcast though.

Because I was so excited about having created a short podcast for the class, I also volunteered to take on some sound editing tasks for the podcast I already work for. I really appreciate having an advisor and boss that I can approach with new ideas, and I'm grateful she is able to give me opportunities when I am able to take them on.

As for my announcement about this blog, I'm going start a short series for my final project in this class called Rising to the Challenge. I plan to interview students of STEM who have experienced a challenge that people with Chronic Illness will also face in their own journeys, such as battling anxiety and coming back to school after an extended break. I hope this format of a post will inspire my followers as I am exploring this new passion of mine.


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